Alpha Pannon Group is one of the first relocation service provider companies in Hungary with a professional, experienced team in both immigration and destination related services.

Our aim is to provide high level services that constantly meet our clients’ expectations. Our wide range of relocation services allows our client’s to put together a package which is tailor made to their requirements and fits their needs the best.

We monitor the regulation changes constantly, inform our clients about it and modify the processes accordingly. Data protection is important for us, so we handle all documents, correspondence and data with care.

We focus on the expatriates’ smooth settling in process by taking care of all relocation related matters so that the HR department and the assignees can concentrate on their own jobs.

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Business in a complex way

Beyond the services of our Bureau, our solutions are complex and connected to more fields, to serve our clients in an excellent and professional way we cooperate with advisory and professional partners. In that way we can provide representations in complex matters, which are in connection with more fields.

Our clients can experience that during the contact we are always available, give a right information and offer and during the management and representation we completely concentrate on the results and the solution.

Nowadays innovative view and the problem – oriented thinking are essential.

We believe, that in this economic situation each participants of the market – who want to keep their dynamism and competitiveness – need those complex services, professional background and representation, which our Bureau can widely provide.

Safely search and trust us. If they choose us, they can save time and energy, which can be used to increase the efficiency of their enterprise and to make it sustainable and through it they can satisfy long-term safety for themselves and their companies too.

How do we work?

We work together with our clients. According to our client-oriented view, our aim is to solve problems in a practical and innovative form, to make both our business and private clients satisfied with our work.

On behalf of it, after we have looked over matters, in each case we try to find the most suitable and effective solution by consistently keeping in our mind the clients’ aims and business interests.

We strive for optimization and if the matter lets it, we try to offer more possibilities of solution for our clients, and in that way they could choose for themselves the most favorable one.

Our attitude to our clients is always open, correct and objective as we are not guided by short-term aims, but we strive to form a long-term cooperation.

The main result of our work is their satisfaction, when they return to us and recommend us, with which they help to keep the good reputation of our Bureau.