Residence permit for visiting: with a letter of invitation for Schengen Visa

Can a non European citizen get residence permit for visiting?

Yes, he can, but the precondition of it is a letter of invitation, which has been claused by the Hungarian Immigration Authority.

At the application of visa what can be proved by the letter of invitation?

The purpose of visit, the right fee of costs of his staying in Hungary and health care, and the existence of housing during the staying in Hungary, in case of non European citizens.

What does the invited partner have to prove besides it?

He has a valid passport, the necessary permission and conditions for the back and forward journey, he is not expelled, is not under the prohibition of entry and staying, his entrance or staying does not endanger the public order, public safety, national safety or health care interests  of Hungary, and he is not under the scope of warning of SIS.

Who and where can hand in a letter of invitation?

The invited person can hand it in personally in a form, which is supplied with clause by the Regional Directorate of the Immigration Office.

Who can prepare a letter of invitation for the Hungarian entrance?

Hungarian citizens, and Hungarian legal people. Those who has residence permit, established a home there and immigrated, and those people who have the right to move freely.

How long is the evaluation time?

The Office judges the applications within 15 days, registers it and gives a certificate about it to the applicant.

How long are the letter of invitation and the residence permit for visiting valid?

The letter of invitation is valid for maximum 365 days, the validity of the residence permit for visit adjusts to the period of commitment written in the letter of invitation, but it is maximum valid for a year, and it can not be extended.

What can be done after it?

The inviter person has to send the claused letter of invitation to the invited one, who will hand it in with his application of visa at the Hungarian Representation of his constant or usual place of residence or of his citizenship. About the application of visa the Authority makes decision within 15 days.

How can our Bureau give you concrete help?

Our Bureau accepts

  • full preparation of letter of invitation and the necessary annexes.

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