Studying in Hungary, in case of non European citizens

In Hungary the foreign students can go on with their studies in perfect international primary -, secondary – and higher educational institutes, in case of higher education they have the possibility to apply to beside self – financing courses, to announced courses with scholarship. The foreign students can take place in preparation language courses too before the colleges and universities, we can support them in it too. In the country the housing and life circumstances are beyond the average, the students feel themselves well in Budapest and in other big cities too. There are numerous possibilities of entertainment and several events make the weekends more colourful. Beside it, the traffic is perfect, the big cities are clean and safe.

If I claim for a residence permit, what kind of institute can I choose?

If the citizens from outside the EU would like to study in Hungary, they have to choose an institute which is state – approved and registered, or a language preparatory institute of such studies.

Which university and college courses are popular among foreign students?

Many foreign students learn in Budapest, but in many other higher educational institution too of other big cities. The medical, economist, business, engineering and architectural courses are the most popular.

Where does the claim have to be handed in?

At the Hungarian delegations, up to the place of residence of the applicant.

What does the applicant have to own?

The admission certificate of the educational institution which forms the course.

What does the applicant have to prove?

That he has the right financial coverage for his Hungarian living, owns the suitable accommodation and health insurance, and that after the end of his studies he can leave the country.

How can our Bureau give you concrete help?

In case of needs, our Bureau make an offer about the possible institutions, prepare the documents for the residence permit. If the applicant stay in Hungary we hand it over, if not, we send it via delivery service to the applicant, who can hand it in personally at the Hungarian delegation up to his place of residence.

Our bureau accepts

  • the full preparation of application documents
  • the acquisition of tax card
  • the cooperation in the opening of his own bank account
  • we offer housing possibilities and handle the legal cases in connection with it, and the announcer of accommodation
  • offer an educational institute
  • administration of driving licence
  • support the relocation

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