The getting of residence permit for settlement in Hungary

That EEA citizen can choose between more possibilities, who would like to run a business, work, learn, get a residence and then settlement permit for family gathering or any other method in Hungary

Does anybody make a good decision if together with his family choose Hungary as a home place?

Absolutely yes, because Hungary is a safe country in the centre of Europe, many European big cities are easy to reach from here, Budapest attracts many tourists, and because of it the investment possibilities are perfect too. The organisation of an enterprise is easy and available for everybody. As an employee you have good chances of employment. There are many possibilities of entertainment, many events are waiting for the visitors, and a sparkling cultural life is specific of Budapest. The transportation system of the country is well organised. In Budapest by public transport nearly anywhere it is easy to go quickly. The foreign students can go on with their studies in perfect international primary- , secondary – and higher educational institutions and the tuition fees are not so high. The housing and life circumstances are beyond the average, and who want to live, work and run an enterprise in Hungry can create a suitable life – level for himself and for his family.

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Residence permit – Visa type D

Who needs this type of residence permit?

For those citizens of non EEA states, who want to stay more than 90 days in Hungary, for those too who anyway can stay visa-free in Hungary for 90 days.

Where does the application of residence permit have to be handed in?

At the Hungarian Representation of that country where the applicant’s citizenship is or where he legally lives.

The citizens of those countries, the list of which can be found in the Second appendix of EK 539/2001 decree, can hand in their application of residence permit in Hungary too.

What does have to be proved at the handing in of the residence permit?

The purpose of residence, the most common purposes of applicants: gainful activity as a running of business activity, employment, family living together and studying.

The Hungarian living and housing are to be proved by insurance or by money coverage that the health care is fully covered.

Have to be proved that after the expire of staying, he can leave the country.

What should be known about the prolongation of residence permit?

It has to be applied at the Immigration Office at least 30 days before the expire of the residence permit and has to be proved that the situation on the base of which the earlier residence permit was given, is still alive.

What has to be known about the health care insurance permission and obligation?

Has to be known that only those are entitled to full health care service in Hungary – because of it to a social security number and card – and further more to basic care in any member state of the EU, who has already had a residence permit. If you have income from the activity in Hungary, in that way the employer deduct and pay the social contributions. If the employer does not do it for you and for example you are staying in Hungary as a family member, in that case you have the possibility to get social security card for a fee and in that way you can use the state health care services.

During that period while you have not got the residence permit, you have to own an insurance, which provide full cover in Hungary. We can offer you the best solution in that case too, thanks for our independent insurance broker activity.

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How long does the applicant’s passport have to be valid?

The passport has to be valid for further 90 day above the period of requested residence permit. You will not get residence permit for the period after the expiry of the passport. Because of it,

How can our Bureau give you concrete help?

Our bureau accepts

  • the full preparation of application document for any kind of residence permit
  • the full preparation of application document for the renewal of residence permit
  • the acquisition of tax – and social security card, registration for the Customer Site
  • administration of driving license
  • the cooperation in the opening of his own or business bank account
  • Hungarian company formation with EU tax number (VAT) for businessmen, foreign companies, address of headquarters and services of it, a virtual office and in case of needs a office space too.
  • the formation of business plan, market research and market position report
  • booking and tax advice service
  • we offer running Hungarian companies on sale with due diligence service
  • trade and industrial real estate on sale with company or without it
  • we offer housing possibilities (rent and purchase of real estate) and handle the legal cases in connection with it and the accommodation applicant too.
  • for the students we offer educational institutes too
  • until they get the residence permit, we offer independent insurance possibilities
  • we give and form the contract
  • support the employee’s relocation

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