Mediation of insurance – ALPHA-PANNON BROKER

We can mediate you the most suitable insurance from the offer 25 insurance company. Our company is available on the whole area of Hungary, we can offer our help both in the contribution to sign a new insurance contract, and to give advice in connection with live insurance contracts and as well to organise new members for pension fund, health fund and home savings fund.
Our work for our present clients is free.
Personal insurance
Wealth and property insurance
Car insurance
Home insurance
Property insurance for contractors.

Why to choose us?
Because we represent our clients’ interests all the time
We are independent from insurance companies
We take into consideration insurance needs
We are in connection with more insurance company
We look for the best insurance possibility, covered by most services
We continuously work on the insurance
In case of any damage we are beside you
Our work is free for you
Our work is to full fill your needs, we are fast, reliable and professional
If you wanted to choose the most suitable insurance between many possibilities please contact us!