Main features of company formation

  • lowest 9% corporate tax in Europe
  • convenient packages
  • easy guided procedure
  • fast company registration in 1-2 weeks
  • guaranteed by lawyers and financial experts
  • immediate EU tax number

Key benefits

Forming company in Hungary has several key benefits:

  • Stable economic and political system
  • Location in Central-Europe, in close proximity to major European core markets.
  • EU membership, NATO, OECD and World Trade Organisation membership
  • Legitimate tax-efficient solution to lower your tax payments.
  • Share capital can be paid later
  • Standard corporate tax rate is 9%
  • No withholding tax
  • Dividend payment to any resident or non-resident person is tax-free
  • Highly educated, multi-lingual local workforce

Limited liability company (Korlátolt felelősségű társaság; Kft)

Members of the LLC (Kft) are not liable for the obligations of the company. The members shall provide the initial capital. The minimum amount of capital share is HUF 3,000,000 (cca. EUR 10,000).
In-kind contributions are allowed up to the full amount of the share capital. Besides Kft there are a couple of more company types.

Registered seat

Hungarian companies must have a physical address that can be registered as the legal seat of the company.
This can be either a virtual office or any property.
If you don’t have a physical address for your company then we supply with a virtual office address in Budapest downtown area (district 5).

Delivery proxy

All members and managing directors who are non-Hungarian residents need to appoint a delivery proxy, who takes the consignments over on behalf of the company. Our company formation service will provide you with a delivery proxy.

Company formation in Hungary has never been so easy!

Hungary has been the EU member since 2004 and Hungarian companies are widely used as holding companies that can bring tax-efficient solutions. Hungary offers beneficial tax environment with low corporate income tax compared to other European Union jurisdictions, extensive network of double tax treaties and favorable withholding tax treatment.

Limited liability company is “Kft”, and formation is easy and fast. New Hungarian companies automatically register for VAT number. Application for EU VAT number is simple and easy.

The official currency is Forint.

Hungarian legislation recognizes various types of companies e.g.: Limited Liability Company – Kft., Public or Private Company Limited by Shares – Nyrt.,Zrt., Unlimited Partnership – Kkt., Limited Partnership – Bt.


Send us what you need and we arrange everything for you!
No need to meet consultants, lawyers, or representatives.
Discuss everything in emails or over phone.

Safe & secure

You will be assisted by lawyers and financial professionals.
The legal work is done by experienced lawyers, tax registration is completed by financial professionals.


Your new company will be registered in 5 days after signing the incorporation documents.

Legal address

Your company will get virtual office and delivery proxy.

Steps of registering a new company in Hungary

  • Setting up details of the new company (ie. form, members, etc.)
  • Preparation of articles of association,
  • Setting up virtual office and delivery agent service
  • Signature of articles of association
  • Registration of the company at the court
  • Registration of the company at tax offices
  • Opening bank account in Hungary