We are looking for a caregiver with more than 2 years of experience with cattle on a private farm in Hungary. Category B driving license and knowledge of English required. Starting wages: minimum wage at all times.  Job: an agricultural general worker on the cow farm full time (40 hours/week). Work time: from 5:00 am,  in 1 shift. Job details: general workers for cow shed cleaning, caring, feeder, strewing, fertilization, working with a manure fork. Qualification: no needs. Special knowledge and ability in connection with the job to be performed: Practice and skills: Full care of cattle, carrying out work around the premises: feeding, care, feeding, watering washing, straw carrying, forking. 

Expectations: This is a small family farm: a full supply of cattle and carrying out work around the premises, driving a tractor. Trial period: 3 months. Overtime: sometimes more than 8 hours. Period of work: definite period. The general worker can only fill the job with a valid residence and work permit. Accommodation is provided by the employer. The working holiday: according to the Labour Code. Employment agency reg. No: VE/43/016168-2/2020.