Investment in franchise business in Hungary !

Because of the strengthening of Hungarian economy the franchise owners are continuously looking for the investors. It can be a profitable possibility for those foreign businessmen, who do not want  to set up a beginner enterprise in Hungary, although would rather join to a well organised and running business model. In that way they can immediately work on together with a local partner, and at the same time can keep in a hand and improve his enterprise at the same time.

To be able to recommend to you the best offer, we have to know what amount of money you would like to invest in and on which field – trade, service, production, franchise mix – you would like to work. At the choice of your franchise partner an import viewpoint can be the amount of investment, the quality of premium, the wide portfolio and the approach itself. For the successful running the personal contribution is important too and the financial safety, the franchise deliver will take care of the others.

The Hungarian law control franchise contract, furthermore the Franchising Ethics Codex, which was accepted by the European Community, provides detailed rules about the criterions of the deliverer and recipier of the franchise, about the compulsory content of contracts and about the franchise itself. The Hungarian Franchise League regards this Codex as a guiding document, uses it and completes with two further directives.

if instead of forming a new enterprise or buying an existing company, you would rather join to an operating one, ask for the offer of Alpha – Pannon Bureau, which is considered to be the best of franchise investment possibilities in Hungary.