Residence permit for the family members of not EU citizens with the aim of family living together

The aim of this permission, that the family members of those EU and not EU citizens, who are living in Hungary, can stay in Hungary too, in order to reunite the family.

Which conditions have to be fulfilled in order to hand in an application?

The pre condition of the acquisition of this permission is to have a EU family member, who lives in Hungary, who is the family sponsor.

The condition to get the status of family sponsor, is to that person has a residence or resettlement or immigration permission or a residence card.

Who is entitled to the residence permit with the aim of family living together?

Entitled to it the family member of the sponsor – exspecially his husband or wife, common minor child with husband or wife, dependent minor child above whom owns the parental supervisory rights, and the minor child of the husband or wife, above whom the family member own the parental rights, the dependent parents of the sponsor or the partner, siblings and relatives if because of his health he can not take care of himself.

As in Hungary the polygamous marriage is nor accepted, the sponsor’s partner can not get visa if any other partner of the sponsor has already got the visa and permission in order to live together.

The application have to be handed in by a family member.

How long is this residence permit valid?

Usually maximum 3 years, which can be extended with maximum 3 years occasionally. But the validity of the family member’s pesmission adjusts to the validity of the sponsor’s residence permit and to the validity of the applicants’ passport.

In which cases can our Bureau give concrete help?

Our Bureau accepts for family members to:

  • full preparation of application documents
  • settlement of tax and social security card
  • contribution in the opening of their own bank account
  • offer a housing solution (rent of purchase of real estate) and deal with legal actions in connection with it.
  • offer school
  • administration of driving license
  • in case of employment the formation of the purpose of employment
  • in case of starting of an enterprise the changing of the status of the residence permit
  • we give help in connection with relocation

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