Residence permit for business and with the purpose or earning

A non EU citizen has to hand in a residence permit for business, if wants to earn money as a member of any business organisation, as a leader officer or as an independent entrepreneur

Who can get residence permit for the purpose of earning?

Those non EEA citizen, whose purpose of residence to run activity individually for earning or as the owner of business company, cooperation or as the owner of any legally formed legal person, leader officer, and do his activity as a member of leader, representative of inspection organ.

Does any license need for the formation of company in Hungary?

Any foreign natural person or business organisation can form a company without any authorization and restriction in connection with the foreign quality.

Does any license need for the running of the company in Hungary?

In case you do activity which is bound to announcement and permission, then you have to do it towards the authorities and the council, and besides it according to the types of activity there are special conditions, which you have to fulfil.

Before the formation of the company, we inform you, and after it we accept to do the necessary legal and other types of announcement for your company and then get the licenses.

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Which conditions does the applicant have to fulfil for the residence permit for earning?

Have to certify the purpose of entry and staying, which can be certified especially with business plan of the business activity, individual business ID card or with a registration number, agricultural farmer certificate card, with a commission, enterprise of applications contract which is signed as a private person, or with any other credible method.

Certificate an adequate accommodation and housing, for example with a rental contract of contract of sale

Exist the adequate material coverage

Health insurance or sufficient financial coverage

Valid passport

The necessary permissions for the back and forward journey

His entrance or staying does not endanger the public order, public safety, national safety or health care interests of Hungary

He is not under the scope of warning of SIS

Which conditions have to be fulfilled that the license application will be efficient?

The applicant staying (manager, member etc) is necessary from the point of view of the running of the company, and according to its business plan it seems to be possible that during its working the business organisation earns enough income to ensure the living of the applicant. The business plan has to be supported credibly, for example with entrepreneurship or agency contract, agreement, contract about the sale or purchase or with orders.

Or they have to fulfil the following conditions: the company has legally employed in full time at least 3 Hungarian citizens or people who have the right of free moving and staying, continuously for at least 6 months.

Which are the conditions if the manager or the owner would like to work for the company too?

If the applicant is the owner of the company or any legal person formed with the purpose of earning, leader officer of it, and really would like to work in a different position, in that case he has to apply for a residence permit for working, which will be judged through a merged process by the Regional Directorate – judge it as a residence and working permit at the same

How long is the validity time of the residence permit for working?

Maximum 3 years, which can be prolonged occasionally with maximum 3 years.

Where the application can be handed in?

As a general rule, the application is handed in by the applicant at the Hungarian representation of the country where he stays or according to his nationality.

How can our Bureau give you concrete help?

Our bureau accepts

  • the full preparation of application document for residence permit
  • Comapny formation with EU tax number (VAT), address of headquarters and services of it, a virtual office and in case of needs a office space too.
  • the cooperation in the opening of business bank account
  • booking and tax advice service
  • the acquisition of tax – and social security card, registration for the Customer Site
  • the cooperation in the opening of personal bank account
  • registration for the Customer Site for the applicant
  • the formation of professional business plan, market research and market situation analysis
  • we offer running Hungarian companies on sale with due diligence service
  • trade and industrial real estate on sale with company or without it
  • we offer housing possibilities (rent and purchase of real estate) and handle the legal cases in connection with it and the accommodation applicant too.
  • in case of employment of a non EU citizen, for the employee we accept the full preparation of application document for residence and working permit, cooperate in the opening of personal bank account, and handle the acquisition of tax- and social security card
  • we arrange the accommodation application
  • in case of family reunion we prepare the necessary documents for residence permit, we arrange the opening of a bank account and the accommodation announcement too.
  • as an independent insurance broker company, we give you an offer and form the contract
  • we prepare the necessary official applications and licenses for the legal operation of the company
  • support the employee’s relocation

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