We are looking for general workers in the building industry. The company’s main activity is the building industry. Workplaces of you: different sites in the territory of the county. Job type:  as a general worker „Other simple construction occupation” in full time (40 hours/week), in 1 shift, work time starts at 7:00 o clock am., workdays: from Monday to Friday a week, if needs on Saturday. Trial period: 3 months. Period of work: definite period. Qualification for the job: no need certificate. Experience of the job: 1-year practice and probability in water slicing, dry construction, paving, installation of doors and windows and painting and painting practice and probability in plastering, reinforced concrete installation and thermal insulation practice and probability in concrete paving, masonry, formwork and scaffolding. Wages: basic gross HUF 220.000/Month. Accommodation is provided by the company. General workers can only fill jobs with a valid residence and work permit. Type of employment: work contract between employee and employer. The working holiday: according to the Labour Code. Employment agency reg. No: VE/43/016168-2/2020.