Is it possible in Hungary to get a residence permit by the puchase of property?

Only in that occasion if your Hungarian company deals with real estate management and rental of your own properties, and the property gets in to the ownership of the company.

The Alpha – Pannon Bureau helps you to find those properties for investment which you can leases with the best conditions or use in any other way and through this you can optimize the income of your company too.


How can we help the formation of a company in Hungary?

We provide full service, no additional procedures are needed to have the final, fully operational company. Our service includes the legal counsel, and the bilingual (Hungarian-English) documents, agent for process of service, also the VAT and EU VAT registration. It also includes support with the opening of an account at a Hungarian bank of your choice.


Does your company need a home address in Hungary?

A registered address is required fore ach  company. We offer registered virtual office service to our clients. That service covers all  company mail administration, including mail receiving, sending scanned mail via e-mail both to the client and the accountant, and safeguarding.


Can I form a company in Hungary without staying there?

It is possible  to register the company remotely, by signing a power of attorney for the procedure, also a specimen signature and an identification form. These documents may be signed in front of a consulor a notary.


What should be known about the opening of a corporate bank account?

Opening an account at an inland financial institution is a mandatory requirement for Hungarian companies.Bank account opening is finished in half an hour in the bank personally after completion of a few signatures and code specifications. We make appointments and share the registration files with the bank, and assist you through this process.


What is the amount of the funds for the formation of an LTD?

3 000 000 forint, after the registration of the company 100% of it can be used for the operation of the enterprise, exspecially for: the costs of home office services and accounting services, acquisition of goods and stationery, fees of rent, wages and their contributions and so on. Take care of the amount which is not used, because in case of a possible tax authority check, it has to be shown on the bank account or in the home cash register in cash.


Why is the accountant needed?

Submission of tax reports is mandatory for a company, that is usually carried out by the accountant. Accounting is also available at our professional English speaking partner.


Which are the most common avowals, which are made and presented by the accountant?

VAT – avowal ( depends on the frequency, it can be monthly, quarterly and yearly )

Tax return after the company car

Corporate tax return

Business tax return

Tax return after contributions of wages, which has been paid in

Yearly repor ( balance sheet and profit-and-loss statement)


Which are the basic exercises of the accountant?

The fixing of bills and certificates as it is demanded in the laws

The control of bills on accountancy from the point of view of how much are they adequate with the financial and accounting laws in force

Data services towards the authorities (preparation  and sending of tax return

The prearation of statements, which the leader of the company has asked for

The preparation of the yearly report ( scales and profit-and-loss statement, supplementary annex)

The information of the leader of the company about the changes of law in connection with the taxation, accountancy and enterprise

The warning of the leader of the company if any irregularity or illegitimacy is experienced int he operation of the enterprise.

Payroll in case of a separate agreement

Company gate registration


How can you issue a bill legaly?

Only those accounting programes can be used which have a permission, a bill can be givn in an official invoice book. The license of a registrated accounting program has to be bought, which can be used in English too.


What is the so called Company Gate registration? Why is it important?

In Hungary the useage of Company Gate has been compulsory since the 1st January 2018. The Company Gate is a central service, which is the twin of the Personal Costumer Site, and its aim is that the business entities and official organisations between each other solve the corespondence via emails on this electronical site instead of letter.

The registration of the Company Gate is made by the accountant.


What is the Costumer Site registration?

The Costumer Site is the electronical costumer access and identification system of the Hungarian Government. It ensures that its users can safely get in touch with organs which provide electronic government administration and services. So the formation of a personal Costumer Site does not mean to recourse any available services on the portal, it is only the gate for them. The Costumer Site can be found ont he Government Website. Who has a personal Costumer Site can use those electric services through the Government Website, which are offered by different public administration organs. The registration can be initiated at any Government Windows.


Who can use Costumer Site?

The formation of costumer site can be launched by anybody with a validity of maximum 5 years. After its expiration it can be extended. The first registration is free.

Foreign citizens – who do not have Hungarian adress – for the formation of the Costumer Site, have to identify themselves on any of these ways:

For foreigners not from EEA countries: passport or residence permit

EGT citizens: whith the showing of passport or any other document which is suitable for identification.

In case of needs the Alpha – Pannon Bureau can help you through the procedure of  personal Cotumer Site registration. Get into contact with us for the further details.

To sum up the services in connection with company formation:

Legalconsultation in English

Fastincorporation and EU VAT validation

Corporatelaw and taxexperts

Company registration or Ready Made share transfer

VAT/ EORI registration

Virtual office and post services

Registered address and mail forwarding

Bank account with assistance

Accountancy  and TAX advising

Fluent English, bilingual  documents

Contact us, we are sending additional  details, information and fee on unique request.


How can Alpha – Pannon Bureau help your company operate legally?

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian. For the legal operation of your company denpended on its activity, you would need to get different permissions and to make announcement towards authorities, councils, public administrations. Furthermore to keep contact with them and to fullfill all the requirement you would need professional help.

The Alpha – Pannon Bureau accepts that on your behalf, makes these official announcments, the supply of permissions and the management of any official deals towards state bodies and authorities.

Contact us for further details!