Attainment of Hungarian citizenship in case of foreign citizens who does not have Hungarian relatives.

Conditions of nationalization

For a specified time, they have had to live in Hungary with an immigrated, established of refugee status.

  1. Clear criminal record (officially revised)
  2. Proper accommodation and income in Hungary, which have to be certified properly. (ownership card, lease agreement)
  3. The naturalisation cannot offend Hungary’s interests.
  4. Successfully pass an examination on the Hungarian constitution in Hungarian language.

The following persons are exempt from the obligation of the examination on Hungarian constitution:

  • incapacitated persons, or persons with partial capacity,
  • a person who is at least 60 – years – old
  • a person who graduated in an institute of education where the language of the instruction is Hungarian,
  • person whose health has deteriorated irreversibly and to such a degree that a competent healthcare institution certifies that he or she is unable to pass the examination.

The period of time before application

  • a person who is not entitled to preferential procedure may submit an application for naturalisation after eight years of residence in Hungary,
  • a person who was born in Hungary or settled in Hungary, immigrated or received a registration document as a minor or is a stateless person may apply for naturalisation after 5 years,
  • during childhood had settled or immigrated into Hungary, or
  • to be homeless
  • as a minor may apply for preferential naturalisation after three years of residence in Hungary,
  • have lived together with a Hungarian partner in a valid marriage for at least three years, or the marriage is over because of the death of the Hungarian mate, or
  • whose minor child is a Hungarian citizen, or
  • who was adopted by a Hungarian citizen as a minor
  • who was accepted as a refugee by the Hungarian government

The calculation of period is started with the declaration of address after the gaining of immigrated, established or refugee status.

A minor adopted by a Hungarian citizen may be naturalised regardless of his or her place of residence

The applicant acquires Hungarian nationality in the course of a ceremony in front of the mayor of his or her place of residence, in the form of an oath.

About the date of the oath the registrar of the local government will inform the nationalized person.

The deadline for this oath is open, it has to be taken during a year period after the official information!

The nationalized person gets the Hungarian citizenship on the day of the oath.

The nationalized Hungarian citizens will get their Hungarian identity card and official certificate certifying home address from the registrar of the local government.