In Hungary one of the criterion to get a business residence permit is to form a company and to have a professional business plan. You have to prove that accourding to the business plan, the company gets enough income for the livelihood of the leader. This has to be confirmed credibly by the company with agreements, business and agency contracts, and with the connection of further contracts about sales and acquisitions.

When it is about the prolongation of the residence permit, the Immigration Office examines the realization of the original plan, and the business plan has to be adjusted to the changes. The authority checks the handed in plan exspecially, if those conditions are still alive, which have provided the basis for the original residence permit.

What should be known about the required business plan for the residence permit?

That professional business plan, that we make, besides the usual introduction of the enterprise, will describe the products, services, analyse the industry, the market and the rivals.

It contains in details the marketing plan, the operational and functional plan, the staff and financial plan, the risks and their handle and those tables which will show these. We form a business plan, which can certify towards the Immigration Office too the viability of the enterprise, and thanks for it, you will get positive evaluation. Furthermore we can write business plans with different length, like mini, mini+, midi, mozaik and basic.

Why whould you need to know the Hungarian market before founding your own company?

If you do not know the Hungarian conditions and you would like to start a new enterprise in Hungary or you would relocate your running activity,or you have a working company, and you would need continuous market research – in any case we can help you with up – to – date market information. We collect and analyze those information which is relevant for your activity and market segment, beside it we are attentive to other expectations which you have mentioned. If you do not need a full market research, just the analysis of the market state, we can form it too.

The Alpha – Pannon Bureau will form the business plan of your company with that contant and detail which the Immigration Office asks and accepts, furthermore we accept to write a market research of market state analysis too.

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Which type of visa and residence permit is the manager entitled to?

Those foreign businessmen can hand in an application form of residence permit, who as a manager take part actively int he leading of the company.

Usually the manager is entitled to, but in some cases two or even more manager can ask for residence permit with business aim, if their exercises in the company need it, or they can hand in a residence permit and purpose of employment.

After the founding of the company, the business leader is entitled to get a residence permit with income generation aim, but to start a business activity he can ask for further residence permit too or as a third chance on the basis of the business can hand in a short – term type „C” visa application

Does the business leader have to stay in Hungary?

You do not have to stay in Hungary continuously, because you have to travel more to other countries with business aims. However depending ont he enterprise, the leader have to spend more time in Hungary in order to run the business successfully.

Can his employees and their family – members get a residence permit in Hungary?

His family members can hand in an application for residence permit to make the family live together. His foreign employees, who work full time, can get residence permit and purpose of employment.

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